How to find and reach new business customers for businesses in 2021 (Part 2)

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6. Create content that stimulates sharing and is interactive

What is interactive content? First, it must be personalized, relevant, thoughtful to the client. Next, it must attract the reader to take action. Even B2B customers who tend to do much research will ignore too many texts. Besides, interactive content connects shoppers to the products they want faster. Third, interactive rich content can be transformed and built from previously successful content or research, making content creation easy and effective and ensuring efficiency.

This content type also helps distribute content more evenly across the purchase journey. Depending on the content structure you choose, you can easily have tailored content for each part of the sales funnel.

7. Upgrade events (Via digital and direct media)

As we all know, Webinars is one of the best ways to attract and nurture B2B customers.

According to Demand Gen data, B2B marketers say events are the most effective tactic for gathering quality leads at the top of the marketing funnel.

8. Optimized on the phone

There is still time for you to reap the competitive edge over the phone. Most competitors in the B2B segment have yet to grasp its strengths: 45% of marketers do not fully understand mobile marketing’s value for their marketing campaigns.

The time has come for you to be the first. You can perform many diverse forms, such as application, SMS marketing, and advertising on the phone. So first, optimize all the content for the phone’s display.

9. Invest in Lead nurturing

Marketing now favours lead generation quality over quantity. Therefore, lead nurturing becomes the number one priority in the demand synthesis process.

Perhaps you are running a few campaigns to attract customer behaviour, classify emails or have marketing automation systems that help you send the necessary messages to potential customers. Organize a few more events, make use of all efforts to nurture potential customers to become loyal customers.

It would help if you reinforced this with some sharing tips below like interactive rich content, adding interest and a personalization element to the content you’re working for your customers.

Speaking of tips, do you have an extremely effective lead nurturing form? It’s video. Up to 66% of marketers have been using video in lead nurturing campaigns.

10. Use more videos

You’ve probably heard a lot about video use. Up to 70% of B2B marketers say a video is more effective than other content types for converting from users to quality leads.

Don’t think that using video means you or someone else has to appear on the screen. There are many tools for creating text, video, and short videos for up to 1-hour long footage.

And don’t skip short videos. It ranks among the most effective content types in E-marketers' survey with B2B marketers.


There are many ways for you to aggregate your customer needs further. The above ten tips can help you identify potential business customers, attract more customer, bring more leads to the funnel, nurture into conversions. It’s just a matter of which method you should choose.