How to find and reach new business customers for businesses in 2021 (Part 1)

How to reach new customers in 2021? Will you maintain the old method or change from the present? It will help if you make new improvements because we all need to capture how fast customer tastes change and keep up with it.

This article analyzes ten tips expected to succeed in reaching business customers by 2021.

Let’s learn the first five tips in this part 1 of us.

1. Conduct customer research

If you want to connect with potential buyers, it’s important to know who they are, what they want, and their pain point is.

In other words, doing customer research is essential. Reports show that successful marketers do quarterly research, while great marketers do monthly customer research, even more than once per month.

The more research you do, the more chances you will have over your competition. That’s because 65% of marketers don’t do or do but not a lot of customer research.

Trying to capture customer behaviour while not knowing who your customers are will be like blindfolded aiming.

2. Take a broader look at analyzing customer behaviour

Micro-customer analysis has always been a way to understand your target audience better. However, when we depend too much on it, we easily get caught up in our customers' individual needs. Analyzing customer micro-customers also tells us an important fact of B2B Marketing that it rarely does an individual make a buying decision. Customer behavioural research is like an intermediary for marketing to a specific group of people, communities and individuals.

But you also shouldn’t dig too deep into the definition of the customer behaviour study. Just because a new client is suitable for behavioural research such as job, the position does not mean they are a potential customer. Please interview them some customer evaluation questions before moving on to the sales department.

3. Personalize when possible

Personalization has been a priority among business marketers for the past few years. That is not likely to change in 2020.

72% of business customers say they want personalized vendors to work according to their needs.

Not only that, but we also learn other data to prove the following:

59% of customers share personalization influences their buying decisions. 74% of customers find it annoying if a brand’s website content is not personalized. Over 78% of customers only engage when the following offers have been personalized based on their previous interactions with the brand. 62% of customers want the content to be only their own needs and pain points. If customers expect such personalization, it’s time for B2B marketers to catch up with the trend and implement it as quickly as possible.

4. Create optimized voice search content

Voice search is extremely popular these days. Google, Alexa or ComScore already predicts 50% of searches will be done by voice in 2020.

What do B2B marketers need to do to optimize voice search content?

  • Long-tail keyword optimization: Voice search tends to use more keywords than usual ones optimized for questions. We often ask questions when we use voice search. So attaching short questions and answers to your content will help.

  • Featured Snippets optimization: Featured Snippets are what Google uses to respond to voice searches.

5. Promote with Micro-Influencers (followers from 10,000 - 100,000)

With the right planning, marketing with influencers is an effective way of connecting with any business customer. In particular, when working with micro-influencers, the results were even better, in fact, seven times better.

Mid-range influencers deliver far more engagement than celebrities. But that’s not the only reason to partner with them; you have one more outstanding advantage. When you don’t have a clear influencers marketing strategy, it’s better to go safe by starting with small influencers. You will find that they even yield a relatively high ROI.

Hit the niche Most marketers work in a well-positioned industry, and you can reach more potential customers by partnering with more industry-related influencers.

Collaboration and flexibility Becoming influencers is a current trend in diverse industries. That means it’s not hard for you to find influencers to work with. In particular, they are also quite flexible in terms of work. You can negotiate a two-way agreement easier than those with great influence.

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