4 digital marketing trends in 2021 you should try

As the general public buying behavior and interaction with brands have gradually changed, Digital Marketing is no longer a foreign term or a tool that only “big” brands can use, but any small business can deploy. So in 2021, what Digital Marketing trends will take over the market?

“Hey Google

How many calories are lettuce?”

Above is an example of how it is now much easier with Google virtual assistant to learn about nutritional regimens through voice search. Recent research by Highervisibility.com has shown that frequent drivers use Google Voice Search while driving. Why is “Voice Search” growing so fast? The first reason is search speed faster than text input and the second reason is it is more convenient when “there is no need to type.” For example, you cannot drive with one hand and use the other to type. That is very dangerous.

In the example “How many calories are lettuce?” You will see that Google is gradually changing from a search engine to an “answering engine” thanks to the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages - results displayed on the search interface to provide users with information), now you don’t need to go to a website to get an answer because it’s right below the search results, but it also means a sufficient reduction in traffics to websites.

There is no doubt that the marketing game is getting harder and harder. Do some say conventional methods are still working? Yes, but at what CPC price (cost of 1 click). For example, how expensive is a short keyword like “children’s clothing”? Multiply by how many clicks to have one conversion? Optimizing your content SEO and VS (Voice Search) improves the rankings displayed in the search results. To optimize your digital campaign, you will need to do the two above methods in parallel to bring the best results.

When customers click on the post’s image and link from ads on the newsfeed, they will immediately be redirected to the pre-set sales fan page message.

If you are selling on social media, you will notice that customers rarely actively send a message to the store if there is no need to purchase. Therefore, this advertisement method will help you proactively interact and support your customers. The next major holiday will be the time when you consider choosing to redirect advertising to Messenger when you want to give customers special promotions or pay tribute to customers who have bought your store’s products.

Tiktok becomes an innovative solution to help businesses understand customers' minds and grasp sensitive trends to help companies to make a different impression to affirm their brand name to users. To build trust from customers, brands that are spreading meaningful and humanistic stories like # yogaflow #speadlove #selfcareroutine. Marketing through Tiktok videos is fun and exciting. It also makes ads enjoyable and viral-able.

Advertising messages from brands are not limited to words or images. Innovative new marketing campaigns with virtual reality allow users to experience products before buying. Also, brands can use VR tools to record interactions, feedback from users, make reasonable adjustments to meet customer needs on time. For example, Adidas lets users test their shoes before they buy, Audi lets buyers see the car’s interior to help customers get more information and experience in the car.