8 Best free logo makers to design logos online


The logo is an essential element of every brand. It helps the business stand out and be recognized by their audience. If you want to build a successful brand for your business, you need to invest time to design your business logo. Many online logo makers (logo design software) on the market and completely free, so logo design is not expensive. Here are 8 of the best free logo makers on the market.

1. Logo Maker by Zyro

Zyro Logo Maker is one of the best free logo makers and very user-friendly and easy to use. Thanks to this tool, even if you are not a professional designer, you can still design a beautiful logo.

When you click the Create Your Logo button, you will be redirected to the template page. This page is set up very basic and has thousands of icons for you to choose from.

Designing online logos with Zyro is easy and flexible. Logo design guidelines are precise and clear. You can choose a look for your logo for free by inserting the shape or image you want in. Then select the logo position by clicking on the four icons next to the Layout text.

You can browse the shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts to create a logo that matches the brand.

You can also instantly download the logo. It will be saved as a PNG file. Simple as that.

2. Visme

Visme has many online logo designs available to choose from and customize. Its logo design software has all the functions you need, like adjusting images, colors, fonts, etc.

The project also has a self-saved mode for protection during the design process. Also, the history menu shows all the layers and elements of your design.

Visme subscription is free; however, you need to upgrade from Basic plan to Standard or Complete to use Premium resources and templates.

You can preview, share and download your project with one click. Share logo by link or share to Google. If you’re not ready for everyone to see it, you can share it privately. Download your photos in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.

3. Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping company, but it also offers a few marketing tools like the business name generator and the profit margin calculator. It also helps you to design logos for free online. And especially easy to use.

When you click Generate Logo, the page will scroll down to show the custom item. There are many icons to choose from. You can also adjust the color, size, and border of the icons.

After designing the logo, click Get your logo. The page will ask you to enter your email address to receive the download link. The logo will be downloaded in PNG format - perfect format if you need your logo online. Professional logo design has never been this easy!

4. Canva

Canva comes with various professional templates for everything from resumes, social media posts to business cards and more.

Especially, you can design logos online easily with Canva. Just choose a logo template. From here, you can edit the logo, like change the background image, change text, upload a picture, and more.

This logo maker is free, but you need to create an account to use it. If you feel the free plan is limited, you can choose a premium plan to choose from various layouts and more for the design.

The logo you design will be automatically saved to your account to return to it later. Just click on All your designs on the left sidebar to preview the templates. Finally, you can download the logo in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats.

5. FreeLogoDesign

This free logo maker is straightforward to use, with over 1000 designs to choose from.

To get started, enter a company name and click the Get Started button. You will be asked to choose a logo design template.

After choosing the logo you like, you can start designing your logo online directly by adding text, icons, or even another template logo. This logo maker also lets you mix with many different designs as you like. This is one of the best ways to design a logo on a computer online.

After clicking the Save button on the right corner, you will be redirected to the logo resolution selection page.

The free version will let you download files 200 x 200 pixels, and the high-quality version 5000 x 5000 pixels will cost $39. You get PNG and JPG files in addition to vector files in SVG format. However, if you only need a small logo is enough, you don’t have to buy a high-resolution logo.

6. LogoMakr

When you open the LogoMakr page, you will automatically be redirected to the edit page. This logo maker has many basic tools for beginners that can be easily used. You can enter keywords about the logo you want to create in the search bar and choose the logo design you like.

You can start designing your logo with shapes, text, and colors. When finished, click the Save logo icon in the upper right corner. There’s an option that lets you download high-resolution images for $19, in addition to vectors in PDF and SVG formats.

You can also download low-resolution logo designs for free.

7. DesignEvo

This logo maker software has many templates available for you to choose from. When you click on a template, you’ll be taken to the edit page and able to design your logo as you like.

To download it, you can click the Download button at the top right. You will be directed to a low or high-resolution logo download page. The high-resolution logo design is priced at $24.99 for the Basic plan and $49.99 for the Advanced plan.

In the Advanced package, you get a transparent PNG file and lifetime support like the Basic package plus the vector file in SVG format and copyright ownership of that logo.

8. Namecheap

Namecheap is a free logo maker that is extremely simple to use. When you click Create Your Logo, you will answer a few questions regarding the logo’s font style, the desired icon, and the color scheme for it. Namecheap will generate the logo according to the results received.

This logo maker’s great thing is that this logo maker allows you to download high-resolution vector files and free images. You can use vector images for desired editing and alignment.

How to design a beautiful online logo? Everyone wants to design a perfect logo. It is essential to every brand. A beautiful logo should be simple, not outdated, and easy to remember. Don’t choose a complicated design. The importance is unique but still simple. It will help your customers remember your logo and dive into their minds. Make sure your logo is recognizable, so people don’t confuse your brand with other brands.

Be loyal to your choice. Please don’t change the logo too often, as it will get confusing. Always make sure the logo you design matches your style. At the same time, your brand should be consistent across all communication channels.

Also, when designing a logo with a logo maker, if possible, choose a high-resolution image. It is useful to apply both online and offline. Apple, Amazon, Nike, and other brands are good examples of adequately designed logos. These are all recognizable logos, not outdated and straightforward.


If you want a professional logo design, all of the free logo makers above are your good choices. Not only is it easy to use, but these logos makers are also free of charge.

We hope this article encouraged you to design your business logo by yourself. Good luck!