9 easy ways to optimise a website for customer acquisition (Part 2)

Continuing the second period of the article series sharing on website optimisation tips that we often do at BraxtonDawn, we would like to send you the last 4 tips. These are also the methods we found were most effective in implementation.

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6. Implement a Live Chat for your website

Live chat services is an easy way to provide complete information to customers as they learn about the products they might want to buy. Not having Live Chat on your website means overlooking a handy lead generation tool.

To generate leads live chat, check your website to see which page visitors spend most of their time on. With the right development resources, you can install live chat tools on the sites where your customers need the most information, allowing you to collect and record insight about their needs with the product while answering their questions.

Depending on who starts to chat and what questions your visitors have, you can even integrate your customer service team with live chat, ensuring every website visitor gets their needs addressed.

7. Personalise the content on your site

Visitors to your website will see pictures, buttons or product options tailored to their preferences, pages they’ve visited or items they’ve purchased previously.

Personalised content converts 42% more visitors than regular content. In other words, the personalised content on the page helps you generate more leads.

So how does personalised content work? Here’s an example of your homepage when it is not personalised:

and when it is personalised"

To get personalised content on your website, you’ll need to use a tool like HubSpot’s Content Management System.

8. A/B Testing

A/B testing can do wonders for your clickthrough rates.

For example, when a friend buy tried a simple A / B test of their call to action, they found a 211% improvement in clicks to those CTAs. Something as simple as a CTA wording test, landing page layout, or the image you’re using can have a considerable impact.

9. Nurture your potential customers

Remember: A prospect doesn’t turn into a customer. This process only takes place when the prospect is nurtured.

Place leads into the workflow when they fill out a form on your landing page, so they don’t forget you and provide them with valuable content tailored to their interests. Lead nurturing should only start with relevant follow up emails that include great content. As you nurture them, learn as much as you can about them - and then tailor the content accordingly.

Here’s an example of a lead nurturing email:

This email gives the recipient some good content, guides the next steps in the customer journey and helps them achieve their goals. According to Forrester Research, companies that perform nurturing their leads give sales 50% higher than non-nurturing companies and 33% lower costs.

You depend on potential customers to sell and grow your business. So, by applying the tips above, you can take advantage of every opportunity without letting customers go away.