5 min read

How to find customers without marketing experts

What if you don't have a marketing department or your marketing team has never practiced inbound marketing? What if you have to find customers by yourself?

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3 min read

4 digital marketing trends in 2021 you should try

As the general public buying behavior and interaction with brands have gradually changed, Digital Marketing is no longer a foreign term or a tool that only 'big' brands can use, but any small business can deploy. So in 2021, what Digital Marketing…

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5 min read

Develop A Content Strategy For B2B Based On Customer Journeys

When searching for solutions to their problems, customers will look for the best quality resources. As a content creator, you need to pay attention to what types of content are right for each stage of the customer buying journey, and then develop the…

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4 min read

Acquire potential customers by landing page optimization

The landing page is an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy. Whether your goal is to acquire potential customer, sell more products or collect customer data, a landing page is where all of these happen.

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2 min read

9 easy ways to optimise a website for customer acquisition (Part 2)

Continuing the second period of the article series sharing on website optimisation tips that we often do at BraxtonDawn, we would like to send you the last 4 tips. These are also the methods we found were most effective in implementation.

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