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Build your brand with Braxton Dawn. Turn your ideal into a business - showcase your brand, and convert browsers into customers!

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We take care of the most popular marketing channel for you. Account for 90% of the digital activities, use the proven method.

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Ohm Power

Ohm Power is a free, independent energy price comparison platform. It uses information you provide about your household, your energy bills, and your smart meter data to help find the best solar, battery storage, and energy packages for you. Ohm Power is an independent third-party to all retailers available through the comparison platform.


I AM SHIBUI is a non-profit project designed to inspire, educate and encourage change. It’s redefining elements in life to get back to the original essence of how things were intended. By doing this we can discover our true talents and perform at our optimal level.


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Where should I start?

Let’s start with planning: - Plan the content: Logo, illustrations, business information, products, services. - Plan your budget: how much on website development, maintenance, and how much on ads. We can help you to construct the most-suited plan for your business, it’s free!

How can people find my website after it is built?

They won’t unless you have an advertising campaign for your website. There are many tactics to advertise your website. Below are some common ones: - Search Engine Optimisation: this includes informing the search engines like Google, Yahoo about your website or else it won’t appear on search engines. - Website advertisements. - Send newsletters to your base clients. - Social media. - Add your website to website directories. - Many more. For many of these tactics, we will do it for free or at a low fee. Talk to our team today if you have an inquiry about this.

Should I build my own website using website builder like Wix, Squarespace instead?

If a website is essential to your business, which is true to most businesses today, using a website builder like Wix or Squarespace is a terrible idea. A website is not like a brochure and shouldn't be treated like one. A profitable and high-converting website requires high-quality content, well-organized content to construct a targeted narrative; it needs to be optimized for search engines and have its performance measured and tracked for continuous improvements. Website builders don't provide you any of the above what it gives you is the ability to publish content quickly, which is just one of many things that you will need. Furthermore, you will have to pay for subscriptions, add-ons, and plugins, which turn out to be very expensive.